Humidity in grow tent

How to Increase the Humidity in a Grow Tent

Watching your plants dry out and with away is nothing short of heartbreaking. The entire situation is a nightmare for anyone who spends time and effort growing plants – especially when you spend the money to buy a grow tent in which your plants still manage to dry up.

So, how can you increase the humidity in your grow tent? Here are a few easy suggestions.

Add additional water sources

As a general rule of thumb, the more water surface an area has, the more humid the area will be. This applies to your grow tent.

So, an easy way to increase the humidity in your grow tent is by increasing the water surface area. It can be done by placing bowls of water in various spots within the tent. A few of the best places to place these bowls are by air ducts and other passive air holes, as the airflow will help increase the evaporation of the water. 

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Install a humidifier

Humidifiers can be a good option for increasing humidity. To ensure that your humidifier doesn’t produce too much humidity, consider installing a humidistat alongside it. Together, these two pieces of equipment can take the stress out of humidity management.

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Switch out the flooring

Switch out the flooring? That’s right! Another easy way to bring the humidity up is by changing the flooring you use in your grow tent. As you may know, some materials have a tendency to stay damper than others and so, why not switch out your moisture-wicking flooring for something that holds more humidity? Something like soil will work well.

Fluorescent lights in grow tent

Remove fluorescent lights

Lightbulbs and light bars can suck the humidity out of a room like no one’s business. This being said, if you have an entire room of fluorescent lights, you may want to consider reducing the amount of light in the room by half. This will help keep the temperature a little cooker, which will, in turn, increase the level of humidity within the air.  

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Spray your tent walls

Instead of just spraying your plants, spray the walls of your grow tent, too. Doing this increases the moist surface area within the tent, which raises humidity and keep your plants happy and healthy. The walls will hold on to more moisture than you think they would.

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Use a fan

Although fans are commonly used for their intended purpose – cooling -, they can also be used to increase the humidity in your grow tent. By having a fan going in the tent on a low speed, you improve air circulation which increases its ability to retain moisture.

With any luck, our list has helped you find a few new methods to battle low humidity. Any and all of the suggestions above can work wonders if they are done properly and consistently.

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